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Published on July 28, 2011 by in Being a Dad

Unfortunately not enough jail terms were passed out for what occurred in this video in my opinion. Counting the number of issues is almost impossible, but I will stick to agreeing with Jeff Gardere, the psychologist being interviewed. The school should have suspended everyone that could be identified in the video. The mother that obviously stood by, and let this continue while she spoke with someone should also serve a jail term along with the mother who obviously wanted this fight to happen. That no one in this video felt strong enough to say this needs to stop, and make an attempt to stop it is disheartening. Could this be a result of reality TV? I tend not to blame that medium for this as I fell everyone is still responsible for their own choices, but does it help the situation? I believe everyone has a responsibility to have common sense, and there was an overwhelming lack of common sense in this group. As a parent, I am disgusted by the actions of all in attendance.

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  1. Jennifer Napier

    That’s really horrible. It’s amazing to me though how many of these types of ‘horrific’ things are caught on video and sent to you tube!

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