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Laughter at 18 Months

Published on July 23, 2011 by in Being a Dad, Skills
It really does not take much to get an 18-month old child to laugh. Barring of course you have not left them over tired or hungry (voice of experience), this is just a fact. It does however require some sacrifice, and that sacrifice comes in the form of how people perceive you. 

Take tonight for example. On my way home from a long day at work, my wife called to inform me I needed to change my destination from home to a location for a kids birthday party. It was not quite what I had in mind, but, hey, no big deal either. I normally love a birthday party. At this stage in the game, (my children at their present ages) it’s usually an opportunity to catch up with those friends that I have not seen in a month or so. That was not the case though, because I did not know a sole. Which leads to the sacrifice part.

Here I am hanging out with 18-month old son at this birthday party with most kids around the ages of 5-7. There really wasn’t much he could participate in. He just can’t hit the pinata yet, and jumpy house they had running was just too rough. My boy finds a ping pong ball that is not being used, and we proceed to play catch with it. We’re having a blast, but he really enjoys himself when I have to jump in a different direction to get the ball. So, I began making a little more of a game out of it and started jumping a little more wildly than needed; adding funny faces to get that extra little zeal of laughter. He loved every minute of it, and his laughter just touched my soul in a great way.

That’s when I noticed a few people starring. I sacrificed my dignity for that laughter. For a brief moment I was just a little embarrasseded. Then it all passed, and it was worth every second of it. I highly recommend this “high” in parenthood as often as possible. It will make both your lif and your children’s life better. Don’t sweat it … people will only talk about the weird guy for a week or two.

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  1. That sacrifice is one worth making every time! Keep the laughing going.

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