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Boot Camp for New Dads

Boot Camp for New Dads is one of the best programs you could take for a new dad. Before my wife and I had our first child, I was “voluntold” for this one day program. It was held at the hospital where we would give birth (<soap box on> and YES I MEANT to say WE give birth – people wondered why dads didn’t take part in childbirth – because they were left out – no I did not feel the pain, but I shared in the responsibility and experience <soap box off>). I was very apprehensive at first as I was not sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

I got to know another dad, before this class started at our birthing seminars, and it helped to have an acquaintance there. The day was pretty much a round table facilitated by an experienced father where we could share our fears, and get them out in the open. We would then discuss them in as much detail as we all could, and try to find solutions together.

The program is one I highly recommend. It really helped me get past my initial fears and concerns. So much to the point that I did a great deal of the daily necessity things with our first child like infant bathing, which as a new dad knows, is a scary event. It made the first six months or so much easier. I was able to communicate with the other fathers in the group and the facilitator via email several times, and this was all before Facebook and other social media outlets became very poplar.

If you are an expecting father, check your area for this program. It’s the best day you will spend in preparation.

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  1. Brian R

    I could see where a class like this would be helpful. I don’t remember there being anything available for me back when I had my first child almost 14 years ago. My wife was very helpful since she is the oldest of 10 and was always helping with her younger siblings. She helped settled any of my apprehensions and it didn’t take but a few days to feel comfortable with a newborn in my arms and changind diapers. But, not everyone has a spouse who had all that knowledge, so I would have loved to have a support group for new dad.

  2. If more soon to be Dads could get past the stigma and go to these bootcamps they would feel more confident when the baby does come along. I agree 100% that Dads didn’t take part because they were left out. Good insight!

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